Common questions and answers

What is Skåne Innovation Week? How do I participate? We’ve collected a FAQ with the most common questions.

What is Skåne Innovation Week?

Skåne Innovation Week is a week with activities taking place in different parts of Skåne. The week will take place between 28th of May and 2nd of June in 2018. The week consists of arrangements organised by different actors. What they have in common is that they are all, in some way, working toward a more innovative Skåne.

Why are we doing Skåne Innovation Week?

Skåne Innovation Week is a part of Region Skåne’s work to implement the ambitious innovation strategy. It is also part of the work to further strengthen Skåne’s innovation culture, and the skills for innovation and entrepreneurship.

What is the goal of Skåne Innovation Week?

The goal is for the region to be an exciting, vibrant and fun place to live and work. All people, companies and initiatives should be given the opportunity to develop to their full potential. Skåne is already ranked high on the list of innovative regions. But we are aiming higher; Skåne shall be Europe’s, perhaps even the world’s, most innovative region year 2020.

For whom is it for?

All present, and future, entrepreneurs, business owners, politicians, decision makers and actors within the so called innovation support scheme are welcome to take part during the week.

Who arranges Skåne Innovation Week?

Region Skåne is responsible for arranging Skåne Innovation Week. The different arrangements are, however, organised by different actors in Skåne. Region Skåne will provide information material about Skåne Innovation Week, which organisers can use in conjuncture with the event.The organiser of the activity is responsible for the implementation of the activity (Region Skåne will therefore not take any practical responsibility regarding the arrangements). Skåne Innovation Week is thus no single fair or conference, but rather a joint program with arrangements in Skåne for five days.

What does the set-up look like for this week?

The week will be packed with activities taking place in different parts of Skåne. The activities are put together in a common program, and under the name Skåne Innovation Week.

One day of the week will be especially dedicated to Skåne Innovation Day. It is an arrangement with Region Skåne as the main host, and with Region Skåne creating the program. This day is only for those invited. Date, place and content is not yet determined. We will return with more information!

Can anyone arrange an event?

Yes, as long as the activity meets the criteria for the goals of Skåne Innovation Week. Both public, as well as private, actors are welcome.

Are the events open to everyone?

Yes! They are open to everyone. If there is a restriction regarding a particular activity, the individual organiser will inform about it.

What kind of activities can be organized?

In 2017 we arranged more than 140 activities as a part of Skåne Innovation Week and for 2018 we are aiming even higher! The activities will focus on innovation, entrepreneurship and development. For example, you can arrange a breakfast meeting, an exhibition, a webinar, workshops, a hackaton, pitching, and more. The possibilities are endless!

How do I register an activity?

The registration will open during spring 2018. You’ll need to fill out a form on the website and send it to us. We’ll get back with more information soon!

Can I get financial support for carrying out an activity?

Yes you can! The application process will open during spring 2018.